The Benefits of Cloud Based Security

As data needs evolve and increased businesses are increasingly relying on the internet to keep their information accessible 24/7 as an effective way of conducting transactions to keep ROI for investments in the positive. The technologies that allow such instant access to data are being targeted by black hat hackers who use viruses and spyware to breach secure systems for financial gain.

Here are some facts based on a webroot comissioned research study that states:

Preferred method: The internet and web-based applications are hackers’ preferred method of attack.

Threat rising: More than half of respondents to a 2009 survey cited a 50% increase in malware attacks from 2008.

Increased vulnerability: The frequent use of web-based applications in the workplace, such as collaboration tools and social networks, means increased vulnerability to virus and spyware attacks.

Sophisticated practices: As users become adept at avoiding malware, hackers become more sophisticated in their attacks.

In a traditional setup, IT departments deploy antivirus software on individual devices as protection against breaches and virus based attacks. This can be challenge for most administrators as they have to keeup up with constant updates and having to deploy these over a geographically diverse group of employees. As attacks become increasingly sophisticated, companies should consider web-based internet security solutions.

Web security as a service in the cloud is one of the most interesting developments in web-based technology. Using a cloud-based security system can afford companies protection at the starting point of attack which are mainly internet applications. Additional beneifts include:

Reduced risk of exposure to security attacks
Improved data security and regulatory compliance capabilities
Ability to cut the costs of procuring and managing the technology

A web-based security package should include the following elements:

Anti-virus, anti-spyware and phishing controls
Web content and URL filtering
Acceptable use policies
Ability to scale as required

A cloud-based web security solution is an effective way of protecting IT infrastructure as it saves time and resources as related to software update and patching of individual devices while ensuring defenses are deployed in a pro-active manner as opposed to adopting a defensive posture which deals with attacks after they have occured.

Source: Webroot

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